The American Meeting Group (AMG) is not a sovereign citizen or patriot movement; we are not anti-government, nor are we politically oriented.  We are simply a community of private friends who are interested in conversation and the sharing of ideas and experiences through mutual exchange of lawful gifts and honor between our members.  Any presenters offered are not attorneys.  The American Meeting Group or any presenters do not practice at-law, nor offer attorney-client relationships. No one participating with the American Meeting Group is authorized to represent you at-law nor to speak legalese for you, or to ever give you at-law legal advice. You will never have an attorney-client relationship with a presenter or anyone working with AMG.  If you require at-law legal advice we urge you to seek such advice from an authorized B.A.R. association member.


The differences between the Land, Air, and Water (L.A.W.) jurisdictions are many, and one should become well studied before making any decisions about Law or at-law actions of consequence. The purpose of the American Meeting Group helping people to meet each other, share materials, having meetings, calls, webinars, seminars, or helping members to connect with presenters is only to provide a place for people to meet eachother and to discuss various insights and experiences for contemplative exercise.  It is a place for those interested in various explorations into rights, titles, interests, history, Law, and history of Law to find eachother, so that people can hopefully better come to their own conclusions about their many Lawful and legal options.


People are encouraged to speak freely of their opinions due to recognition of sacred law and of the1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech.  All ideas, beliefs, concepts, pdf's, books, documents, etc., are exchanged, accepted, and shared at one's own risk, and will only be used at one's own risk. Any presenters, members or guests which are engaging in counsel or assistance arrangements are responsible for setting their own assurances and guarantees between themselves as the American Meeting Group cannot, and will not offer any at any time.  We are strictly limited to helping willing people to network privately. Therefore, we do not endorse or warrant any presenter, document, statement, or expectation.


Due to the cumbersome legislative and regulatory burdens involved, we are not licensed to service federal agents, officers, employees,  dependents or volunteers of any federal franchises. Therefore participate at your own risk; and all such persons are subject to the Bivens decision, which means they must identify themselves prior to participation in any American Meeting Group activity.