Learning Together For A More Peaceable Posterity...



Welcome to the American Meeting Group. We are assisting you with meeting events, meeting people, and building private community.  The spirit behind the freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom to redress your grievances lives here.  We appreciate your time visiting us, and hope to add value to your relationship building and to your contemplative adventures.



Why we function


American Meeting Group exists to help those who want to be connected with others who want to learn, find eachother, and to share ideas and experiences, to help eachother become a more informed, benevolent and vigilant peaceable posterity of trust protectors.



Meeting Assistance


What we do for you.


Our assistance with your meeting project ranges from planning and organizing your meeting, to managing the invitations and attendees; including any necessary processes during your meeting which ensure that your meeting objectives are met successfully.  Whether its a teleconference call with a moderator, or a meeting with conference room, hotel rooms, air and ground transportation, catering, video production, and multiple presenters over multiple days, the American Meeting Group works hard to be the right friend for you. 


If you are an approved group presenter, we will help you expand your audience, provide your meeting environment, and help provide you with the assistance your private membership meeting guests require.





Encouraging a more peaceable posterity.
The American Meeting Group community is made up of friends who want to learn how to protect what was intended for them, and to help make our families and communities a safer, better place for everyone.



What makes the American Meeting Group community unique?


1)  American Meeting Group is Unincorporated, and Non-Commercial.
American Meeting Group is a non-political, non-commercial, unincorporated private membership community of friends from all walks of life, which survives entirely by the grant, conveyance, and acceptance of private, lawful gifts and honor between eachother.  We do not accept donations as those are tax exempt commercial transactions, and we do not accept payments because those are commercial by today's standards.  Mutual gifts occur by exclusive equity and therefore we remain with a body of jurisprudence which excludes commerce.  That's why our group can only grant, convey, and accept private, non-commercial gifts under the maxims of exclusive equity, and other legal remedies for lawful money. We sell nothing, members purchase nothing, and we offer no contracts, only the expression of unincorporated private trust.  If you do not accept that trust, we cannot accept your consideration.


2) American Meeting Group is a gift to eachother, by eachother, for eachother.
Presenters and attendees are friends exchanging mutual gifts and honor. Your support and participation is a gift to the presenters, coordinators, and other members, and their support and participation is a gift to you.  In this way, our community is building itself equitably with honor and trust. And in today's commercial world that makes us very unique. And we hope it is a refreshing change.

3) Subject Matter
We speak freely to eachother about the origins of Law, history, history of law, trust, exclusive equity, Roman equity, and other related subject matter in order to exchange value freely, and thrive together.   From sacred gifts and grants, to inherent and natural rights, from American heritage and founding intent and purpose, to various choices in political status and Lawful standing, including true titles, colorable titles and other private property interests. During this new era of global and political challenge, we emphasize the importance of people learning more about protecting the peace, protecting yourself and family, your family's heritage and lineage, and all that was intended for your benefit.



When is there a call you can join to learn more about the American Meeting Group?


Subscribe your email to become an email list member, and then you can register for our next call by clicking on the button below.  Meetings are by email invitation, so you must subscribe your email address to become a member of our list and to receive invitations to attend.

Is there anything else you should know about the American Meeting Group?

We are not a sovereign citizen or patriot movement; we are not politically oriented.  We are simply a community of private friends who are interested in conversation and the sharing of ideas and experiences through the exchange of lawful, equitable gifts and mutual honor.  American Meeting Group is not telling anyone what to do or how to do it, we are only sharing ideas with eachother; providing a means of exploration and discovery; some emphasizing their opinions more than others.  The American Meeting Group presenters are not attorneys, nor do we practice at-law. They are not B.A.R. members nor authorized to speak legalese or to ever give at-law legal advice.  You will not have an attorney-client relationship with any American Meeting Group presenter.  If you require at-law legal advice we urge you to seek such advice from an authorized B.A.R. association member outside of the American Meeting Group community. 

The differences between the Land, Air, and Water (L.A.W.) jurisdictions are many, and one should become well versed before making Law decisions, or at-law decisions of consequence. The purpose of the American Meeting Group sharing materials, having meetings and conversations is only to discuss and expand one's various insights through contemplative exercise, and to find various assistance beetween those interested in connecting together so that people can come to their own conclusions about their many Lawful and legal options.

Members and guests speak freely of their opinions, and are entitled to their 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech.  All ideas, beliefs, concepts, pdf's, documents, etc., are exchanged, accepted, are relied upon at your own risk at ALL times.  Presenters are responsible for setting their own assurances and guarantees as the American Meeting Group does not offer any assurances at any time.  The American Meeting Group only helps people connect with eachother through freedom of choice, and only accepts lawful and equitable gifts from members who choose to support us.