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David Straight South Dallas Meeting

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Featuring David Straight

"What You Need To Know"

Political Status - Unalienable Rights - History and Understanding

From South Dallas

COMBINED Level 1 and Level 2 Class

June 17th - 18th - 19th, 2022

Meetings start at 10:00am central time

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Events are scheduled to begin at 10am central time, but is more technically when David and Bonnie decide.

Each day concludes when Bonnie and David decide, which is usually about 6:00pm central time.
It is suggestd that you bring a notebook and pen.

Plan to arrive early for the best parking and seating options.

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From time to time there are technical problems with internet connections, internet signals, wifi interference, signal hacking, and other unforeseen issues outside of AMG's control or ability to defend against. In these cases online attendees may experience an undesired  interruption in their experience of the presentation. If this should occur, we will be working aggressively to restore your access to the meeting until it has been restored for you.

Please be assured that we are also recording the event inside the room before we send the video signal out to the internet. We do this as a back up safety precaution. So although you may miss some content while the event is live, your replay should include the entire meeting presentation.


Also, we want to give notice that we will be unable to stop the presentation and have David repeat what was said while any online interruption(s) were taking place.



This meeting is created and stewarded through private trust relations we create together, and needed to make this meeting possible for our members. Because it is non-comercial and instead a private trust, there are no products or services offered for sale, no refunds, no purchases, and no payments; this is simply because those things are all commercial actions and our trust relations are private. This is critical. AMG members expressly agree to this whenever granting a gift. If you do not agree to trust this arrangement, please do not grant AMG your gift, and instead wait for another event to attend where the meeting management is closer to your preferences.

When you have granted and conveyed your gift, iTVGroup accepts it as lawful money only [per 12 USC 411 where applicable] for AMG, the host, and for David and Bonnie. As a participating member of the trust, the gifts exchanged with you are the event management, the audio/video operations, the optional online attendance and moderator, the replay and documents, all of the before, during, and after meeting attendee support, and of course the presentation. Again, if this mutual exchange of lawful private gifts is not acceptable, please do not grant your gift.



Your gift can only be returned to you if

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Examples of exceptions are:

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  • All other requests are granted at the sole discretion of AMG.

*If you decide that your gift should be returned to you, Please DO NOT contact PayPal to intervene. When you do this you convert PayPal from a custodian of the trust property (your gift) into a 3rd party commercial intervenor and it is considered dishonor and a breach of the private trust we all established together.




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South Dallas Meeting
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